Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The joys of live streaming

1. Explaining to the it-section how that virus got onto my work computer

2. Explaining to my boss why I'm clapping at random intervals

3. Seeing AB's nostrils appear and disappear as the pixels on the screen adjust to the camera zooming

4. The stream being cut off as the comentator says "he's in the air, it's going t-"

5. Chatting with Rahul who thinks I'm very pretty (he can tell by my screen name)

6. Improving my Hindi/Urdu, and broadening my cultural knowledge (it's mostly Indian and Pakistani channels I've been able to find)

7. Seeing that they have a "cure for worries" in Pakistan (it's a dandruff-shampoo)

8. Learning that an extrordinary amount of cricketers have dandruff (it must be the helmets)

9. A numb rear end from sitting in my kitchen with the computer (where the wireless reception is best)

10. Porn pop-ups in the middle of Morne's run-up

Autors note:
My blog is named "cricket fan in exile" because as an inhabitant of Norway, I was forced onto the internett to find people to talk about cricket with. Now this is not all bad (virtual people don't smell as bad as real ones), but parts of this blog will be ranting about the joys of being surrounded by people who confuse cricket with polo, and the things I go through to get my cricket fix!


  1. Ha ha I think I just pissed my pants. This is all soooo familiar to me over here. You are exactly right, the stream always dies either during the run-up a millisecond before the bowler is to release the ball, or when the ball is in the air. But you can get a Sky stream often. Very pleasant.


    ~ Play For Country Not For Self ~

  2. And you can pay to watch english cricket and get a brilliant stream with ESPN (as long as you're in Europe). I've used this and been very happy with it (and very happy to pay for it).

    Where do you find the sky stream?

  3. Cricket fan in Norway? very interesting. A few Asian cricket fans must be there in Norway.

    I also know a cricket fan who is in Norway and maybe you can stay in touch with him. I would tell him about you!

  4. I've learnt an amazing amount of Hindi insults over the last few months of live streams!

  5. Hi it's good to see another cricket blogger! I'll blog roll you. The University doesn't take kindly to me streaming cricket through their server, and I especially know what you mean about getting people trying to chat to you. One Pakistani feed I found had the same advert play between every ball bowled (!!).

  6. Greyblazer, yes there are a few! I do meet people I can talk to occasionally, but my colleagues and friends don't know much about it.

    h-t, I sympathise! During the test series in India they showed just 6 adverts for the whole 10 days of cricket. I knew each one by heart by day 4 of the first test.

  7. I was wondering whether you were updating the site and just realized I am behind! Man, I really need to look through my blogroll better!