Tuesday, 4 May 2010

AB's new song

AB has done it again. Yet again.

I try my best to keep my pink glasses on, I try to tell myself he is still young and naive, I try blocking my ears with my fingers going "lalalalala". I work very, very hard at my crush on Mr de Villiers (even though I'm much too old and married to have crushes on cricket players), but sometimes I think he just doesn't appreciate my efforts. He takes me for granted, and tests my resolve to see him as a dreamboat at every corner. In short he seems determined to spoil my view of his cute little tush.

I have tried to comprimise. I said he could give out the CD if it made him happy. I simply wouldn't listen to it until his batting career was over, in case it spoiled my enjoyment of his beautiful cover drive. Then he gave out the single "show them who you are". Granted, this tested my patience, but it was a power-ballad (and you can get away with just about anything in a power ballad -just ask Def Leppard), so I overlooked it. But this!


Now at first glance to the untrained eye this will look like he's put out a soppy ballad called "make your dreams real", but thankfully I can put your minds to rest. "Maak jou drome waar" is in fact Afrikaans for "Make your drone war", and is a tribute to George Lucas.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.